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For Further Information:

Recycling Tips

Items that can be recycled

Recycle clean, dry paper and light cardboard only.

This includes:

  • Letters and Brochures,
  • Cardboard Boxes (Flat),
  • Egg Boxes,
  • Toilet and Kitchen Roll,
  • Newspapers,


Make sure cardboard is flattened. Avoid wedging it into your bin as this may result in it not being emptied properly.


Rinse, clean and dry food cartons and boxes before putting in your recycle bin.

  • Tetra Pak Juice or Milk Cartons,

Rinse, clean and dry plastic bottles, cartons and tubs before putting in your recycle bin.

  • Plastic Drink Bottles,
  • Plastic Cleaning Bottles,
  • Butter, Yoghurt & Salad Tubs,
  • Fruit & Veg Trays,
  • Plastic Milk Cartons,
  • Soap or Shampoo Bottles,
  • Soft Plastic


Make sure to rinse and remove lids from containers before recycling.


Rinse, clean and dry all aluminum cans and tins including lids before putting in your recycle bin.

  • Soup Cans,
  • Pet Food Cans,
  • Drink Cans,
  • Food Cans,

Composting Tips

Composting is the breakdown of organic material such as kitchen or garden waste by organisms that feed on the waste and convert it into an earth-like mass. The compost can then be used as a soil conditioner.

Items that can be used to compost:

  • Fruit and vegetable remains/waste
  • Teabags and coffee grounds
  • Crushed egg shells
  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge clippings
  • Weeds
  • Old plants and garden cuttings
  • Fallen leaves

Oversized Items

All oversized items such as furniture, mattresses etc. are accepted at the Country Clean Recycling bring centre in Churchfield Cork City. For more information phone 021 4300130.